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Embracing New Opportunities: Managing Pain with REFORGE Veteran Care

When it comes to managing pain, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution that works for everyone. Instead, a holistic approach to pain management may hold the key to supporting not only the physical symptoms of pain, but also the psychological, social and emotional components as well. Pain management has traditionally consisted of a pharmaceutical focus to mask symptoms, but studies suggest that a whole mind-body approach to incorporate other modalities to be more effective.1

‘Chronic pain is so common among veterans it’s almost considered ‘part and parcel’ of life after service. On top of the significant impact on daily functioning and quality of life, chronic pain can take a serious toll on mental health. Countless veterans have experienced the impact of chronic pain on their mind, but many may not have experienced the benefit of using their mind to manage their pain.’

—Department of Veterans’ Affairs2

REFORGE Veteran Care is proud to facilitate Australia’s original veteran-specific chronic pain management program that focuses on building self-mastery and resilience. This program has been running successfully as part of GO2 Health since 2021 and is now expanding with more dates and services available for 2025. The REFORGE Veteran Pain Program is an intensive, multi-modality education and intervention program based on an evidence-based, empathetic approach to managing pain.

A main with a prosthetic leg managing pain through rehabilitation and assist with chronic pain.

introducing: the reforge veteran pain program

Like all initiatives by REFORGE Veteran Care, its Veteran Pain Program is designed for veterans, by veterans to better manage ex-service injuries and chronic pain. Each small group intake consists of 10 to 12 veterans only to encourage mateship and understanding. The Pain Program has several options for length and intensity, running from two days to six weeks depending on the individual needs and care of the participant.

All programs include a combination of various holistic health education sessions and practical interventions to support each veteran and their individual needs:

Medical (GP) + nursing support

The GPs and nurses initiate the referral pathway into the pain management group program. They are there every step of the way to educate, empower and refer individual care using different strategies and planning options to reduce reliance on medications.

Pain specialist

Be armed and feel empowered with a better understanding of the different types of chronic pain, acute pain, pain circles, pain processing and the role of medication in pain. Understand the other pain management options available including a multidisciplinary approach for acute and chronic pain.


The physiotherapists are the first port of call once a referral has been approved from the pain specialist. Understand pain adaptations, the pain cycle, triggers and how the ADF transition journey can shape and influence the experience of chronic pain. Learn how to prepare for, and minimise, flare-ups through self-management techniques.


Learn how acupuncture can work for pain, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Recognise the benefits of acupuncture for pain and understand how energy flows through the body (and the role it plays in disease states). Discover different pressure points in the body to help with the self-management of pain.

Exercise physiology + pilates

An expert Exercise Physiologist (EP) will share why movement is so important for the effective management of chronic pain and will provide self-movement and improvement techniques and classes including clinical reformer pilates.


Gain a better understanding about the links between stress and pain, including ADF training and pain, the transition to civilian life and common stress triggers. Then use these foundations to assemble building blocks of resilience (including mindfulness practices and committed action).


Become familiar with multiple dietary and eating behaviour management options to manage pain holistically with nutrition. Food is medicine after all! Topics will cover inflammation, sleep, mood, fatigue etc.


Experience the benefits of simple, water-based exercises designed to rebuild joint and muscle strength in a fun, small group environment with an EP or physiotherapist.

Tai chi + relaxation

Use daily intentional practices like Tai Chi, breathing techniques and relaxation hacks to better support the mind-body connection, increase mobility and strength and improve balance while reducing any maladaptive postures. These practices are designed to integrate with other pain management options to reduce pain flare-ups naturally.

Are you ready to REFORGE your pain management in a small group setting with the support of dedicated experts?

Register for your preferred start date here. You can also email us for further information or speak to an advisor directly on 07 3355 5540.


1 Agency for Clinical Innovation—Pain Management Network. Pain and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM).

2 Department of Veterans’ Affairs. (2021, July 27). Managing chronic pain with mind and body.

Originally posted: January 25, 2023. Updated: May 28, 2024.

Embracing New Opportunities: Managing Pain with REFORGE Veteran Care