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REFORGE veteran care is proud to facilitate Australia’s leading veteran-specific chronic pain management and rehabilitation program that focuses on building self-mastery, mental health resilience and functional recovery. 

The REFORGE Pain Program is now offering tiered options, tailored to varying levels of care and duration based on individual requirements. 

Fully funded by DVA, our comprehensive pain program focuses on building self-mastery and mental health resilience, granting access to a dedicated healthcare team including physiotherapy, medical acupuncture, psychology, and additional specialised services.

The REFORGE veteran pain program is a fully DVA funded, intensive, multi-modality education and intervention program based on an evidence-based, empathetic approach to pain management and rehabilitation.

REFORGE veteran pain program is proudly brought to you by GO2 Health, Australia’s largest veteran care clinic.

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Your program team

The REFORGE veteran pain program is designed specifically for veterans in managing chronic pain. Our program uses an interdisciplinary, evidence-based, empathetic approach to pain management and rehabilitation.

The program offers individual attention, delivered in a small group setting by a team of dedicated experts in their fields to give you access to the tools you need for optimal outcomes dealing with chronic pain.

Pain Specialist

Your pain specialist will empower you to understand the different types of chronic and acute pain, pain circles and pain processing, the role of medication in pain and provide you with further pain management options including a multi-disciplinary approach for acute and chronic pain.


Your psychologist will educate you on the link between stress and pain, including ADF training and pain, the transition to civilian life and stress, and common triggers. With a better understanding of these foundations, we can start to build building blocks of mental health resilience including mindfulness practices and committed action.


Your physiotherapist will help you with pain adaptations by understanding the pain cycle, triggers, and how the ADF transition journey can shape and influence chronic pain. You will be empowered to better understand and therefore manage your chronic pain cycles, triggers and flare-up planning through self-management techniques.

General Practitioner + Nurse

Your general practitioners and nurses on the program care team will help you not only in understanding and accessing multi-disciplinary care in your pain management journey including allied health support and home-based services, but also empower you with strategy and planning to reduce reliance on medications.

Medical Acupuncture

Your medical acupuncturist will educate you on the benefits of acupuncture for pain, how it works and the effectiveness for PTSD, depression, anxiety and pain. You will discover energy flow in the body and its role in disease states as well as be taught about different pressure-points in the body to help self-manage pain.

Exercise Physiology

Your EP will empower you on why movement is so important to the effective management of chronic pain and provide you with self-movement and improvement techniques.

Dietetics + 
nutrition advice

Throughout the program you will be introduced to multiple evidence-based dietary and eating behaviour management options which will open your eyes to the world of managing pain with nutrition. Food is medicine after all. Topics will cover inflammation, sleep, mood, fatigue etc.

Qigong + Breathwork

Through daily intentional practices like Qigong, breathing techniques, and relaxation hacks, you will learn better mind-body control, increased mobility, strength, improve balance and reduce mal-adaptive postures, all designed to educate and empower you for daily pain management with a view to reduce pain flare-ups.

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Now taking places for 2024 onwards.

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