performance program

In the defence force, you are trained to be a high performing asset.

The REFORGE performance program is a DVA-funded 12-week program designed to get you back to optimal function so you can perform at your best once again so you can see what is possible.

Are you ready to REFORGE your performance?

What is the performance program?

Our REFORGE performance program is not a one-size fits all. You will get a targeted and individualised 12-week program to help you reach your physical and sporting goals.

You will be supported by exercise physiologists and physiotherapists together with our sports doctor and dietitian to help you perform at your best once again.

A plan back to optimal function: work together with your dedicated health team in a performance-focused environment. 

How does it work?

DVA funded

Individualised program

12 x week schedule

Training with physio + EP

Train with your mates

Sports physician + dietician

some people are lost in their fires.
others are forged in them.

Your program team

The REFORGE performance program  is designed specifically for veterans to get you back to optimal function post military service. The performance program is a competitive small group setting designed to replicate the competitive unit PT environment. Our program uses an interdisciplinary, evidence-based, empathetic approach to optimal function and physical designed to get you back to your best. 

The program offers individual attention, delivered in a small group setting by a team of dedicated experts in their fields to give you access to the tools you need for optimal performance outcomes. 

Sports physician

Your sports physician is highly trained in working collaboratively with elite athletes. 

You will benefit from our sports physician's experience in managing the physical body through benchmark testing and physiological metrics to enhance performance and minimise risk of injury.

Sports psychologist

Your psychologist will work closely with you to get your mind right for performance. With immense experience in competitive environments and elite sport, as well as extensive experience working with ex-military personnel, our sports psychologist is primed to help you get your mind right and help you achieve your physical fitness and performance goals.


Your physiotherapist will help you with pain adaptations by understaning the pain cycle, triggers, and how the ADF transition journey can shape and influence chronic pain. You will be empowered to better understand and therefore manage your chonric pain cycles, triggers and flare-up planning through self-management techniques.

Exercise physiologist

Your exercise physiologist (EP) will empower you to perform at your best by helping with your technique, form and functional movement. 

Working with your EP in the gym, you will learn how to avoid and minimise the risk of injury and improve your performance.


Your dietitian will work with you to understand your fitness goals and help tailor a nutrition plan and educate and empower you with 

*Please note: Unless otherwise listed on your White or Gold card, dietetics is not covered by DVA and you may be billed privately for this session.

REFORGE your performance

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