forging ahead

a solutions focussed submission

GO2 Health has a solution to reduce risk for veterans and their families, now and in the future, without the need for additional funding.

As Australia’s largest veteran care provider, we have made our recommendation to the Royal Commission into defence and veteran suicide, we invite you to read it too.

forging ahead

a solutions focussed submission

Australia could have a national footprint of specialised medical environments with demonstrated outcomes like the GO2 Health model, to effectively treat and support the contemporary veteran and their families nationally, backed by a public-private partnership.

Our solution is proven, scalable and working. We acknowledge the complex challenges faced by the Federal Government and ESOs. Working collaboratively our focus is forward facing to solve the problem.

To find out more about our solution to the veteran crisis, download your copy of forging ahead below.

“Our solution provides a proven and positive way forward for veterans and their families.”
Dr Kieran McCarthy
Ex-military doctor + Chief medical director | GO2 Health
GO2 Health's solution creates valuable outcomes for all stakeholders.
key benefits include:

Lowering long-term cost on government, economy, and society

through early intervention practices. By front-loading treatment at time of transition, we can reduce spend and drain over time.

Provide demonstrated health outcomes

as well as lifestyle outcomes for veterans and their families;

Centralised and managed care

to effectively create outcomes and monitor the experiences of the veteran;

Cohesive integration of ESO and NGO organisations

ensuring existing funding is accessed appropriately and correctly by veterans and their families when they need it;

Creates jobs and meaningful opportunities

for employment and community nationally;

Provides an end-to-end solution for ADF

by creating appealing proposition in attracting and retaining talent for ADF members, knowing they have an effective model of care and support available to them beyond their Defence careers. 

The way forward

An investment into the care of veterans and their families is a direct investment into the Australian Defence Force, our economy, and our country.

the six key needs for veteran community & stakeholders

our GO2 Health recommendation addresses

1. Reducing veteran suicide + risk

2. Effective medical model

3. Trust and family support

4. Centralised care with ESO & NGO integration

5. Benefits to Defence ecosystem & ADF lifecycle

6. Viable triple P solution (public + private partnership)

our solution provides
integrated medical care for


contemporary veterans
and their families

GO2 Health has a solution to reduce risk for veterans and their families, now and in the future, without the need for additional funding.

Want to find out what it is?
Prioritising medical management first, means veterans are better placed to access ESO support services to their full capacity, as they were intended, creating better outcomes for all.

our strategic partners

Our track record at GO2 Health shows what early intervention and community minded medicine can do. We are proud of the strategic relationships we have formed and are continuing to grow.

Want to get on board?

Are you a corporate provider or ESO and want to join us on our mission?

“We have always understood the power of building a community and to have that recognised by the Telstra Business Awards is a tribute to the veteran community we serve.”

– Rod Martin + Dr Kieran McCarthy
Co-owners of GO2 Health

Queensland State Winner 2022