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Men’s Health Week 2024: Embrace Your Mates​

Here at GO2 Health, we’re proud to support Men’s Health Week.  

From 10-16 June 2024, with the Australian Men’s Health Forum, this highlights an underestimated element of men’s health: mateship.  

This is about men looking out for their mates — which is particularly important for our GO2 community transitioning back to civilian life. 

Why Mateship Matters

Mateship is an Aussie thing. 

Deeply ingrained in the bones of an Aussie culture that values camaraderie and loyalty among friends — it also has a big impact on health! Research and experience have long shown that strong social bonds significantly impact mental and physical health, improving quality of life and even life expectancy.1 

For many men, especially our veterans, mateship is not just about shared experiences; it’s a lifeline in tough times. Men’s Health Week is a great reminder about the importance of these bonds and to encourage men to keep an eye on their mates and lend a hand.  

A bunch of mates, getting together to share a drink for Men's Health Week 2024.

How Mates Can Make a Difference

  1. Just talk: One of the best things mates can do for each other is to talk — and not just about the weather. Being genuinely willing to understand what another bloke is going through can kick that social “men-don’t-need-to-talk-about-stuff” stigma to the kerb. Connect and feel a sense of belonging and less alone in life.
  1. Get moving: Grab a mate and join a group sports activity, a GO2 group fitness session, the gym or even just a regular walk outside in the fresh air and sunshine. Physical activity makes a huge difference in maintaining physical and mental health while building bonds.


  1. Be on the lookout: Sometimes, friends are the first to notice when something isn’t quite right. So, if something’s happened or changed in your mate’s life or something just doesn’t feel right—don’t ignore it. Reach out and call a mate.


  1. Lend a hand: If a mate has stuff going on, check in with them regularly. Take them to an appointment or help them out—  your support can make the world of difference and even make whatever they’re going through a little easier.

Men’s Health at GO2 Health

At GO2 Health, we are committed to supporting men’s health and wellbeing, especially in our veteran community. We offer a wide range of appointments to support — from mental health to physical rehabilitation and everything in between. We have over 50 practitioners on site, so you can choose someone who suits you. 

So, during Men’s Health Week this year, and every week beyond, we encourage all men to embrace their mates and look out for each other.  

Every action counts. 

Join us this Men’s Health Week to strengthen our connections and commit to being there for our mates. It’s not just about helping a mate — it’s about building a healthier, more resilient community. 


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1Australian Men’s Health Forum. (2024). 

Originally posted: June 4, 2024.

Men's Health Week 2024: Embrace Your Mates